Package Descriptions


:20 Seconds


This Small Video Short includes a hero shot of your product shot on a stationary or rotating table top with a single backdrop, imbedded feature/benefit graphics and stock music. This video is ideal for products that do not require demonstration.


:30 Seconds


This Medium Video Short includes everything in the SMALL package, PLUS the addition of a hand model and hand demonstration. This video is ideal for products that require simple hand demonstrations to highlight key features and benefits.


:30 Seconds


This Large Video Short includes everything in the MEDIUM package, PLUS the addition of one on-camera talent and a large studio backdrop or available studio set. This video is ideal for products that demand a larger backdrop and an on-camera talent to help demonstrate the features and benefits.


Length TBD

Starting at $599

The X-Large Video Short is the CUSTOM product demonstration video that includes the creative production elements (bells & whistles) you want to make your video “fit like a glove”. Scroll down to review the additional/optional elements and consult with your Video Shorts representative, to create the video that suits your needs, objectives and budget.

Specialty Video Descriptions
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Whether it’s a 15 second TikTok Video, a 30 minute infomercial or anything in-between, we have the studio, equipment, personnel and expertise to produce and deliver the quality video you expect at the Video Shorts price you demand. Take a look and then call to consult with our Video Shorts team to get you in the shorts that fit just right.


This Video Short is a tabletop video shot with an overhead camera, that includes a hand model/demonstrator to highlight and demonstrate key features and benefits of your product. The video also includes feature and benefit text graphics and stock music track.


This Video Short is scripted and hosted by a professional on camera talent, or voiced by a professional narrator. This video also includes the feature/benefit text graphics and stock music track.


This Video Short brings your product to life, as on camera talent, wears, uses, and demonstrates your product in a studio or outdoor setting. It includes the standard graphics and stock music and can include multiple talent and locations as determined by your specific objectives and budget.


Nothing is more compelling than authentic, on-camera testimonials from actual product users as they use and demonstrate your product and share their honest opinions about the product. These testimonials can be used individually or combined into full feature stories and are great for websites, email and social media marketing.

Additional Elements (Optional)

  • 360 Product Photography
  • Broadcast Licensed Music Tracks
  • Narration / Voice Over
  • Motion Graphics & 3D Animation
  • Script
  • In-home Locations
  • Additional Talent / Models
  • On-camera Spokesperson
  • Custom Product Demos
  • Custom Set Builds
  • Testimonials
  • Additional Aspect Ratios (Amazon, Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Photography
  • Raw Footage Storage / Transfer
  • Logo & Graphic Design
  • Food Styling
  • Makeup Artist
  • 2nd Camera
  • Extended Video Length


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